We have helped a lots of student loan borrowers deal with their student loan burden. We understand that evaluating various options and programs available for federal student loan consolidation can be quite complicated and time consuming. With the constantly changing regulatory landscape, it has become all the more difficult for student loan borrowers to understand the programs and the options that may work for them. In a situation like this, USFFC will lend you a helping hand by assisting you with selecting the program that matches your financial situation and with choosing a repayment plan that best fits your needs.

Student loans are proving to be a much bigger burden on households than previously thought. Student loan debt is now the second largest household debt in the US and has surpassed $1.3 trillion. Student loan delinquencies are reported to be much higher than other forms of consumer credit, including credit cards, mortgages and auto loans.

At USFFC, our goal is to help student loan borrowers identify the Federal programs that are available to them and assist them with the student loan debt crisis. Our highly trained and motivated counselors will evaluate your loans and provide you with a FREE no obligation informational session, showing you how you may qualify for consolidation and/or forgiveness.

Are you struggling with Federal student loan monthly payments? We at USFFC are committed to help you lower your monthly payments by evaluating your financial situation and finding the best possible option for you. The United States government has passed legislation that helps student loan borrowers ease their debt burden. It’s time to make your move, call USFFC and get help with your student loan debt.

Why choose USFFC for help with your Student loan debts?

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Continued help with your consolidation
  • Passion – Empathy – Service…our motto
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