What we do

We have helped a lots of student loan borrowers lower their monthly payments. We understand that evaluating various options and programs available for federal student loan consolidation can be quite complicated and time consuming. With the constantly changing regulatory landscape, it has become all the more difficult for student loan borrowers to understand the programs and the options that may work for them. In a situation like this, USFFC will lend you a helping hand by advising you in selecting the program that matches your financial situation and going with the repayment plan best fits your needs.Many student loan borrowers are not aware about the nuances of the process of federal student loans including the repayment options that sometimes proves critical for them. Apart from this, majority of the student loan borrowers delay the option of consolidating these loans unaware of the interest charged during this waiting period. Any errors while filling out the loan consolidation paperwork can delay or possibly decline your consolidation application.

At USFFC, we understand that every case in unique and we ensure that your application is thoroughly reviewed before it is filed.


Financial Profile analysis

The Department of Education has various programs available to reduce your student loan burden, your eligibility for these programs depend on your debt amount, income and family size. USFFC works with you to fully understand your financial profile so we can suggest the program that best fits your needs.


Application processing

Just qualifying for a program is not enough, you need to ensure that you select the correct program. We provide end-to-end solution when it comes to getting your application ready for submission to the Department of Education. At USFFC, we are in it with you; we understand that this is an important decision of your life. We take extra care to ensure that you are in control, as we do not process the application till it is reviewed and Okayed by you!


Complete money back guarantee

In case your application is denied by the Department of Education, we will offer you a full refund of the document preparation fee that we charge. The refund guarantee is subject to the information provided by you at the time of filing the application form.


Extended help along with consolidation

When you are a part of the consolidation program, we help you to prepare documents to change debit dates, defer payments, and evaluate your financial profile for approval in the following years.

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